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Jimmy Waldo - keyboards and backing vocals
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - guitar
Graham Bonnet - vocals
Jan Uvena - drums and backing vocals
Gary Shea - bass
Alcatrazz was formed in 1983 by Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo from New England and Graham Bonnet of Rainbow. They brought in Yngwie Malmsteen, after he left Steeler, and Clive Burr of Iron Maiden. Burr left before the debut album and was replaced by Jan Uvena of Iron Butterfly. The band's debut album, No Parole From Rock 'N' Roll spent 18 weeks on the Billboard charts and peaked at No. 128. Malmsteen quit in 1984 and formed his own band, Rising Force, and was replaced by Frank Zappa guitarist Steve Vai. Soon after, their record company released a live recording from a tour in Japan, Live Sentence, and it reached No. 133 in the US. In 1985 their second studio album, Disturbing The Peace, peaked at No. 145 and contains the song, God Blessed Video. The following year Steve Vai quit and joined David Lee Roth's band and he was replaced by Danny Johnson (ex-Rick Derringer, Rod Stewart, and Alice Cooper). They released the album Dangerous Games later that year but it failed to chart and in 1987 the band called it quits.
Gary Shea and Jan Uvena went on to record with Swedish guitarist Jonas Hansson, while Waldo became a member of Quiet Riot. After Quiet Riot, Wlado was a founding member of Blackthorne. Currently he is in the hard rock band, Ashdown and works with Hossam Ramzey, writing and producing world music. Gary Shea went back to working with New England and he is recording with guitarist D.H.cooper on the Cooper - Shea project. After his work with Jonas Hansson, Jan Uvena recorded with the band Signal and he is now a sales associate with New England Wireless in New Hampshire. Graham Bonnet has done several solo projects and sang for Blackthorne and Impellitteri. In 2006 he reformed Alcatrazz with Tim Luce on bass, Howie Simon on guitars and Glen Sobel on drums. They toured Japan in 2007 and headlined the BerkRock festival in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria in July 2008. In 2009 Sobel was replaced by Dave Dzialak until 2010 then Jeff Bowders took the drumming spot up to 2011 and finally Bobby Rock hit the skins to the bands conclusion in 2014. Graham Bonnet is now fronting the Graham Bonnet Band.
Alcatrazz - No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll
No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll
(A) Island In The Sun - 3:56
General Hospital - 4:50
Jet To Jet - 4:27
Hiroshima Mon Amour - 4:01
Kree Nakoorie - 6:10
(B) Incubus - 1:24
Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live - 4:21
Big Foot - 4:07
Starcarr Lane - 3:54
Suffer Me - 4:18

This was released on CD several times from 1984 to 2015

Alcatrazz - Live Sentence
Live Sentence
(A) Too Young to Die, Too Drunk To Live - 4:47
Hiroshima Mon Amour - 4:12
Night Games - 3:28
Island In The Sun - 4:09
(B) Kree Nakoorie - 6:52
Coming Bach - 0:53
Since You've Been Gone - 3:32
Evil Eye - 5:13
All Night Long - 5:41

This was released on CD several times from 1989 to 2014

Alcatrazz - Disturbing the Peace
Disturbing the Peace
(A) God Blessed Video - 3:30
Mercy - 4:22
Will You Be Home Tonight - 5:03
Wire and Wood - 3:29
Desert Diamond - 4:20
(B) Stripper - 3:53
Painted Lover - 3:24
Lighter Shade Of Green - 0:46
Sons and Lovers - 3:21
Skyfire - 4:18
Breaking The Heart Of The City - 4:58
This was released on CD several times from 1985 to 2014
Alcatrazz - Dangerous Games
Dangerous Games
(A) It's My Life - 4:04
Undercover - 3:35
That Ain't Nothin' - 3:47
No Imagination - 3:11
Ohayo Tokyo - 2:54
(B) Dangerous Games - 3:21
Blue Boar - 3:09
Only One Woman - 3:37
The Witchwood - 3:55
Double Man - 4:23
Night Of The Shooting Star - 1:03
This was released on CD several times from 1991 to 2014
Alcatrazz - Live '83
Live '83
(A) Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live - 4:40
General Hospital - 4:44
Kree Nakoorie - 6:04
Island In The Sun - 3:46
Evil Eye - 5:07
(B) Since You've Been Gone - 3:33
Hiroshima Mon Amour - 3:42
Suffer Me - 4:46
Desert Song - 5:32
Jet To Jet - 4:42
This was released on CD and vinyl
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