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Blodwyn Pig - Lies

Lies 4:41
The Night Is Gone 3:52
(Deep Down) Recession Blues 4:19
Latin Girl 3:02
Gnatz 2:19
Funny Money 4:07
Blodwyn Pig - Lies
Witness (To a Crime of Love) 2:58
Aby's Lean 2:44
The Victim 4:42
Love Won't Let You Down 5:07
Dead Man's Hill 4:20
Maggie Rose 3:25


BLODWYN PIG This is the issue from Germany but the American version added the songs, "I Wonder Who" and "All Said and Done" and there is an alternate cover. The UK release in 2000 has this cover then in 2008 it was released as "Times Have Changed". ALL TORE DOWN

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