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Bit 'A Sweet
Bit 'A Sweet
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Mitch London - bass, percussion & vocals
Russell Leslie - drums, percussion & vocals
Jack Mieczkowski - guitars, electric sitar & vocals
Dennis DeRespino - keyboards, percussion, guitar & vocals
Additional Musicians:
Steve Duboff
keyboards & percussion
Vincent Bell
guitar & electric sitar

Bit `A Sweet, formerly known as The Satisfactions, were a 60s psychedelic rock band from Long Island and was reportedly a top draw at the discotheques in New York City. They signed with MGM and in 1967 released the single "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" and "Is It On - Is It Off?". The group performed both songs in the 1968 picture "Blonde on a Bum Trip." That year the band released their only album "Hypnotic 1" on the ABC label but it did not contain the songs from the single. The album was produced by the multi-talented Steve Duboff, who also wrote most of the group's material. He also penned songs for Ringo Starr, The Turtles, Wayne Newton, The Monkees and others. In addition to he designed video games for Commodore, Antler, Intellicreations and Datasoft. Steve died of cancer in 2004 at the age of 63. Despite all the talent that went into the album it never had any commercial success and the band eventually broke up.

Russell Leslie would go on to record with the band Neon (produced by Tommy James) and became a session drummer.

Vincent Bell is listed as an additional musician on the album and he is a session guitarist that has laid guitar tracks for hundreds of artists and commercial jingles. He also invented a number of electric guitars, including the electric 12-string guitar, and the electric sitar.

Side A
Speak Softly 5:10
2086 2:50
If A Needed Someone 3:36
With Love 3:50
Monday - Tuesday 1:50
Bit 'A Sweet - Hypnotic 1
Side B
Diamond Studded Eyes 4:02
How Can I Make You See 2:40
Travel 5:00
A Second Time 8:30
Released on CD in 2011 with extra tracks
Speak Softly