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Record Stores and More

Academy Records and CDs

NYC's largest purchaser of music and movie collections.

Amazon Vinyl Store

Amazon's store for records and accessories.

Audiophile USA

They carry rare and collectible albums and encompasses all genres of music.

California Albums

They have 60 categories of collectible and specialty albums.

Collecting Vinyl Records

A blog with biographies, reviews, new releases, music history, album art and more record info.

Ebay Records

Bid on an album that you're looking for on Ebay.

Encore Records

This site from Suffolk, UK buys and sells rare, collectable and out of print CDs and records.

Greg's Grooves

A California based company with a wide variety of albums and they have a store on Amazon.

Jerry's Records

Named one of Rolling Stone's best record stores in the USA.

Oldies Music

This site contains history, trivia and charts pertaining to the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Pitchfork Records

Concord, New Hampshire's oldest music store.

Sound Stage Direct

They have a large selection of new releases and vinyl reissues.

The Best Turntable

Reviews and advice on turntables and record players.

The Vinyl Frontier

This site from California deals with hard to find, out of print, rare records and memorabilia.