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The Damnation of Adam Blessing
The Damnation of Adam Blessing
Ray Benich - bass guitar
Jimmy Quinn - rhythm guitar & vocals
Adam Blessing - vocals
Billy Schwark - drums & percussion
Bobby Kalamasz - lead guitar & vocals

This band is from Cleveland, Ohio and came together in the late sixties, their name is from the 1961 crime novel by Vin Packer (Marijane Meaker). They were considered a contemporary hard rock band but were know for their arrangements and melodic harmonies. They had some regional hits, Cookbook in 1968, Morning Dew in 1969, and Back to the River in 1970. After the release of their first album they toured with The Faces and during the course of their career they played with The Byrds, Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, The James Gang, Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, The Stooges, Traffic, Uriah Heep and others.

After their third album did not produce a hit song United Artists dropped them. Soon after they were offered a deal with Avalanche Records but they had to change their name because United Artists distributed Avalance records and so they became, Glory. Adam Blessing then went back to his given name, Bill Constable, and his brother Ken joined the band. Ken had a higher voice than Bill, which produced some very nice harmonies. After the Glory album they finally disbanded but in September of 2000 they played a reunion concert for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Jimmy Quinn went on to manage and consult bands, musicians, songwriters and is still consulting for the music industry. He has also produced albums and secured recording contracts for a number of acts and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry. Ray Benich tried to start an idea called, Roller Jam, but before it could get launched he got involved in a "crime of passion" and spent 18 years in jail. After his sentence he released a solo album then worked on several music projects and has published several books. He is also responsible for a website about the band. Adam and his brother Kenny ended up in Houston, Billy Schwark moved to Los Angeles and Bobby Kalamasz is in Washington State. All of them are still acitve in music.

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
Side A
Cookbook 3:55
Morning Dew 5:15
Le' Voyage 3:53
You Don't Love Me 3:18
Strings and Things 5:45
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing
Side B
Last Train to Clarksville 4:18
Dreams 4:52
Hold On 2:16
Lonely 4:55
This was released on CD in 1999 then remastered in 2006
with the bonus tracks, "Painter" and "You Got Me Floating"
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - The Second Damnation
Side A
No Way 3:17
Death of a Virgin 3:40
Driver 3:25
Everyone 4:10
Back to the River 5:20
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - The Second Damnation
Side B
Money Tree 4:48
Ba-Dup 3:20
New York City Woman 5:54
In the Morning 6:13
Smile 1:27
A CD released in 2000 has live bonus tracks recorded in 1972,
Sunny Days, Running Away, Find Out Lover, Get Up and Dawn
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Which Is The Justice, Which Is The Thief
Side A
Fingers On A Windmill 3:17
We Don't Need It 2:58
Easy Come Easy Go 3:46
Running Away 4:42
Turned to Stone 3:00
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Which Is The Justice, Which Is The Thief
Side B
Please Stay Mine 2:43
Sometimes I Feel
Like I Just Can't Go On

Leaving It Up To You 3:48
Sweet Dream Lady 5:40
This was released on CD in 2015
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Glory
Side A
Sunny Days 3:09
Find Out Lover 3:10
I Got A Feeling 3:07
Mrs. Walker 3:04
You Can Believe 6:05
The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Glory
Mouse over the image to view the CD cover
Side B
Hot Momma 3:26
Get Up 3:36
Nightmare 4:28
Dawn 4:49
The CD release used the bands original name and changed the cover.
It is also known as, "The Legendary 4th LP"
The Damnation of Adam Blessing - Morning Dew
The Damnation of Adam Blessing - No Way