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Blodwyn Pig
Blodwyn Pig
Jack Lancaster - saxophones, flute & violin
Mick Abrahams - guitar & vocals
Andy Pyle - bassRon Berg - drums

In 1967 Mick Abrahams co-founded Jethro Tull with Ian Anderson but left shortly after the release of their debut album, ''This Was''. Abrahams then formed Blodwyn Pig, with Jack Lancaster on saxophones, flute and violin, Andy Pyle on bass and Ron Berg on drums. They performed at the Isle of Wight and the Reading rock festivals and did two US tours playing at both Fillmores and the LA Forum. Lancaster would play two saxes simultaneously during live performances. Their debut album, Ahead Rings Out, charted at number 9 and their second album, Getting To This, went to number 8 on the UK charts.

Abrahams quit the band in 1970 because of musical differences. He was replaced by Barry Reynolds and then former Yes guitarist Peter Banks, who went on to form Flash. This quintet was short lived and only managed three or four gigs. The guitarist Larry Wallis then joined the band and it was renamed to Lancaster's Bombers then shortened to Lancaster and they toured with Yes in 1971. They never recorded an album and soon disbanded. Wallis would go on to UFO, Pink Fairies and then Motorhead. Abrahams went on to form The Mick Abrahams Band and released two albums, "A Musical Evening With Mick Abrahams" in 1971 and "At Last" in 1972. Blodwyn Pig reformed in 1974 with Clive Bunker on drums, but differences resulted in another split and Abrahams withdrew from the music business. Lancaster and Bunker formed the band Aviator in 1978. Pyle and Berg formed the rhythm sections of Juicy Lucy and Savoy Brown, and Pyle would go on to play with The Kinks and Wishbone Ash. In 1987 Abrahams revived the band with a different line-up and released several albums during the nineties.

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out
Side A
It's Only Love 3:22
Dear Jill 5:08
Sing Me A Song
That I Know

The Modern Alchemist 5:34
Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out
Mouse over the image to view the US cover
Side B
Up And Coming 5:24
Leave It With Me 3:50
Change Song 3:42
Backwash 0:51
Ain't Ya
Comin' Home, Babe?

The United States version replaced three songs and changed the cover
The 2006 remastered CD contains seven bonus tracks
Blodwyn Pig - Getting To This
Side A
Drive Me 3:23
Variations On Nainos 4:45
See My Way 4:00
Long Bomb Blues 1:09
The Squirreling
Must Go On

Blodwyn Pig - Getting To This
Side B
San Francisco Sketches 8:49
Worry 3:41
Toys 3:03
To Rass Man 1:20
Send Your Son To Die 4:24
In 1990 this was released on CD with the bonus tracks,
Summer Day and Walk On The Water.
Blodwyn Pig - Lies
Lies 4:41
The Night Is Gone 3:52
(Deep Down)
 Recession Blues

Latin Girl 3:02
Gnatz 2:19
Funny Money 4:07
Blodwyn Pig - Lies
(To a Crime of Love)

Aby's Lean 2:44
The Victim 4:42
Love Won't Let You Down 5:07
Dead Man's Hill 4:20
Maggie Rose 3:25
This is the issue from Germany but the American version added the songs,
"I Wonder Who" and "All Said and Done" and there is an alternate cover. The UK
release in 2000 has this cover then in 2008 it was released as "Times Have Changed".
Blodwyn Pig - All Tore Down
It's Only Love 3:02
All Tore Down 4:32
Lies 4:57
Billy The Kid 6:27
I Wonder Who 10:33
Blodwyn Pig - All Tore Down
The Victim 5:29
Cat's Squirrel 17:02
Slow Down 3:32
Dead Man's Hill 11:08
According to the Mick Abrahams website this is the only offical live CD
Blodwyn Pig - Pig In The Middle
Raining Again 4:53
You Got It Wrong 4:25
Going Down 4:37
Whisky Dreams 4:50
Goodbye 5:44
I'm Bored 2:36
Blodwyn Pig - Pig In The Middle
Modern Day TV Blues 2:45
Mo' Bad News 4:42
Hard Wind 4:41
Fire In The Hole 3:19
Nervous Blues 7:07
There is a version with the track, ("A New Day" Sampler, Volume 2)
Blodwyn Pig - The Basement Tapes
The Modern Alchemist 4:49
Mr. Green's Blues 3:49
It's Only Love 3:31
See My Way 5:56
Blues Of A Dunstable
Truck Driving Man

Baby Girl 3:53
The Leaving Song 4:53
Blodwyn Pig - The Basement Tapes
I Know 8:54
It's Only Love 3:16
See My Way 6:35
Blues Of A Dunstable
Truck Driving Man

Hound Dog 2:20
Drive Me 2:43
This CD has a previously unreleased Radio 1 session and live material
recorded from 1969 - 1974, plus two of Mick's songs from 1996
Blodwyn Pig - Ain't Ya Comin' Home, Babe?