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Jim Carroll
The Jim Carroll Band
Brian Linsley - guitar Jim Carroll - vocals
Wayne Woods - drumsTerrell Winn - guitar
Steve Linsley - bass

In the 70's Jim Carroll (James Dennis Carroll) was already a published author having penned several poetry collections, "Organic Trains" (1967), "4 Ups and 1 Down" (1970), "Living at the Movies" (1973) and his book "The Basketball Diaries" (1978). He also worked as the co-manager of Andy Warhol's Theater. With encouragement from his friend Patti Smith, Jim began writing songs. With the San Francisco band Amsterdam backing him he cut several demos, and was signed to Rolling Stones Records. They released a single "People Who Died" from their 1980 debut album, Catholic Boy. The song appeared in the 1982 film E.T., as well as 2004's Dawn of the Dead. After a move back to New York and the replacement of Terrell Winn and Brian Linsley by Paul Sanchez and John Tiven, the Carroll Band returned in 1982 with "Dry Dreams". They released "I Write Your Name" in 1983, which received lackluster reviews.

With his three record contract fulfilled Carroll disbanded the group and resumed his prose and poetry work. In 1991 Jim released a solo album "Praying Mantis" it was a collection of spoken-word performances. Then in 1998 he released "Pools Of Mercury," which was a combination of poetry and song. He published several more poetry collections "The Book of Nods" (1986), "Fear of Dreaming" (1993) and "Void of Course: Poems 1994-1997" (1998). In 1995 a film adaptation of "The Basketball Diaries," was released with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jim Carroll. Carroll has collaborated with Lou Reed, Blue Oyster Cult, Boz Scaggs, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Pearl Jam, and Rancid. He died of a heart attack at his Manhattan home on September 11, 2009, he was 60 years old.

The Jim Carroll Band - Catholic Boy
Side A
Wicked Gravity 4:57
Three Sisters 3:19
Day and Night 2:23
Nothing Is True 3:25
People Who Died 5:07
The Jim Carroll Band - Catholic Boy
Side B
City Drops Into The Night 7:28
Crow 3:02
It's Too Late 2:04
I Want The Angel 2:52
Catholic Boy 3:04
This was released on CD in 1989
The Jim Carroll Band - Dry Dreams
Side A
Work Not Play 4:24
Dry Dreams 3:05
Them 2:38
Jealous Twin 3:59
Lorraine 6:02
The Jim Carroll Band - Dry Dreams
Side B
Jody 4:12
Barricades 7:24
Evangeline 3:03
Rooms 2:32
Still Life 3:40
The Jim Carroll Band - I Write Your Name
Side A
Love Crimes 3:23
(No More) Luxuries 3:58
Voices 2:54
Sweet Jane 4:06
Hold Back The Dream 3:35
The Jim Carroll Band - I Write Your Name
Side B
Freddy's Store 5:40
Black Romance 3:08
I Write Your Name 3:28
Low Rider 4:23
Dance The Night Away 3:25
This was also released on CD
Jim Carroll - Praying Mantis
Side A
Fragment: Little N.Y. Ode 0:23
A Day At The Races 4:23
Times Square's Cage 2:05
A Child Growing
Up With The Sun

Tiny Tortures 11:25
To The National
Endowment Of The Arts

Jim Carroll - Praying Mantis
Side B
Terrorist Trousers 2:37
Monologue: The Loss
Of American Innocence

For Elizabeth 2:33
Sampling Nietzsche 0:32
Just Visiting 5:52
Praying Mantis 1:23
This was released only on CD
Jim Carroll - Pools Of Mercury
Side A
Train Surfing 1:45
Falling Down Laughing 3:57
Zeno's Law Of
High-Heeled Shoes

Desert Town 3:46
It Goes 1:20
My Ruins 1:46
Pools Of Mercury 4:34
Things That Fly 1:56
Jim Carroll - Pools Of Mercury
Side B
I Am Not Kurt Schwitters 3:23
Hairshirt Fracture 4:27
Female As Thunder 1:30
Cinco de Mayo 1:38
Message Left
On A Phone Machine

The Beast Within 4:01
8 Fragments
For Kurt Cobain

This was released only on CD
The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died