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Jimi Jamison - lead vocals
Jack Holder - guitar, keyboards & backing vocals
Mandy Meyer - guitar & backing vocals
Tommy Keiser - bass & backing vocals
Jeff Klaven - drums & backing vocals

Cobra was an international band based in Memphis. Jimi Jameson, Jack Holder and Jeff Klaven were Americans, Mandy Meyer and Tommy Keiser were Swiss. They recorded and released only one album "First Strike", the music is hard rock and the sound is very polished but the album failed to make decent sales. Their first major show was opening for Quiet Riot.

Before he joined Cobra, Jimi Jameson was in the band Target and after Cobra he joined Survivor but it was after their number-one hit, "Eye of the Tiger." He went on to write and perform the theme song to Baywatch and did background vocals for ZZ Top, Joe Walsh and many others. In Sept. of 2014 Jimi died at his home in Memphis of a stroke at the age of 63. Jack Holder played with Black Oak Arkansas before Cobra and went on to be one of Memphis' finest multi-instrumentalists and an engineer/producer at Sounds Unreel in Memphis. He died of cancer in January of 2015. Jeff Klaven and Tommy Keiser joined Krokus, Keiser would later move on to the German band, Craaft. Keiser comitted suicide on December 24, 1986. Mandy Meyer went on to Asia, Stealin Horses, Ashton, House Of Lords, Katamandu, Gotthard and Krokus.

After they disbanded Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded the song "I'm A Fighter" for the 1985 album "Van Zant". The song was written by Meyer and Jamison for the second Cobra album but was never recorded. It reached the top 30 on the US Billboard Charts and was used as a hymn for WWWF Wrestling.

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Cobra - First Strike

Side A
Blood On Your Money 3:50
Only You Can Rock Me 4:18
Travelin' Man 5:10
I've Been A Fool Before 4:09
First Strike 2:55
Cobra - First Strike
Side B
Danger Zone 5:01
Looking At You 3:49
Fallen Angel 3:47
What Love Is 4:07
Thorn In Your Flesh 3:53


This was remastered and released on CD in 2008.

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