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The Five Man Electrical Band
The Five Man Electrical Band
Les Emmerson - guitar, vocals Brian Rading - bass
Ted Gerow - keyboards Rick Belanger - percussion
Mark Belanger - drums

The Five Man Electrical band formed in the early sixties in Ottawa, Cananda as the Staccatos by Dean Hagopian, Rick Belanger, Les Emmerson, Brian Rading and Vern Craig. Their first album had a few songs that made the charts in Canada and their second album, "A Wild Pair", was shared with The Guess Who. In 1967 they had a single called "Half Past Midnight", which rose to #8 on the Canadian charts. By their third album, "Five Man Electrical Band", Dean and Vern had left the band and were replaced by Ted Gerow and Rick Belangers brother, Mark Belanger. The album had modest success so they went to Los Angeles to try to crack the American market. They were ignored because they sounded too much like the Beach Boys and their songs went nowhere so they headed back to Canada. From there they decided to change their style, direction and changed their name to, The Five Man Electrical Band. They went back to Los Angeles and recorded three songs that were released by MGM. One track, ""Moonshine (Friend of Mine)" was used in the movie, "The Moonshine War" but the film went nowhere. The other songs, "Hello Melinda, Goodbye" and "Signs" were released as a single but sales were low so MGM dropped them. Dallas Smith was the producer that recorded those songs for MGM and was starting Lionel Records. He liked the sound of the band so he recorded their album, "Goodbye and Butterflies" which included the single, "Signs". The song started getting airplay and soon they were on a US tour playing with Jefferson Airplane, Sly And The Family Stone, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Allman Brothers Band and others. "Signs" became a hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard charts #4 in Canada and #1 in Australia. It sold over a million copies and was awarded a gold disc in 1971. Their next two albums both had minor hits but by 1974 only two of the original members remained. They could not agree on what direction the band should go and they finally disbanded in 1975.

Les Emmerson reformed the band in 1986 for a series of shows and they would continue to play a few shows every year for several decades. He has released several solo singles and his song, "Control Of Me" peaked at #5. Brian Rading went on to play with many different bands in the Ottawa area and to supplement his income he painted, hung drywall and became a landlord. In 2016 he died at home from throat cancer at the age of 69. Ted Gerow returned to Ottawa and became a producer and keyboardist for recording sessions and television productions all across Canada. Rick Belanger moved to Toronto and is a computer cable installer.

The Staccatos - Initially
Side A
Take Your Time 2:30
Bad Boy 2:02
It's A Long Way Home 2:14
Got A Hold On Me

Small Town Girl 2:55
Move To California 2:00
The Staccatos - Initially
Side B
You Only Die Once 2:20
Nightfall 2:36
Poor Baby 2:48
Million Kisses 2:05
If This Is Love 2:07
Do You Mind 2:19
The Staccatos and The Guess Who - A Wild Pair
Side A
Song Of The City Sings 2:45
Where Did Holly Go? 3:29
Tell Her For Me 2:40
Runnin' Back
To You Everytime

She Is Tomorrow 3:20
The Staccatos and The Guess Who - A Wild Pair
Side B
I Need Your Company 3:07
Mr. Nothin' 2:25
Very Far From Near 3:04
Hey Goode Hardy 3:28
Somewhere Up High 2:06
The Five Man Electrical Band
Side A
Five Man Electrical Band 3:20
Last Time
I Saw Memphis

Private Train 2:20
Half Past Midnight 2:25
You're Going
To Lose That Girl

The Five Man Electrical Band
Side B
Maple Lane 2:59
Black Sheep
Of The Family

Fancy Dancin' Man 2:23
We Go Together Well 3:22
Didn't Know The Time 2:24
Running Back 2:28
The Five Man Electrical Band - Good-Byes & Butterflies
Side A
Signs 4:05
Safe & Sound
(With Jesus)

Dance Of
The Swamp Woman

(You And I) Butterfly 4:42
Hello Melinda Goodbye 3:15
The Five Man Electrical Band - Good-Byes & Butterflies
Mouse over the image to view the original cover
Side B
(Friend Of Mine)

Forever Together 2:35
Mama's Baby Child 3:32
The Man With
The Horse And Wagon

All Is Right
(With The World)

Variations On A
Theme Of Lepidoptera

The orginal cover created some controversy which featured a marijuana plant.
The album was withdrawn and reissued with a new cover.
The Five Man Electrical Band - Coming Of Age
Side A
Coming Of Age
Find The One 3:48
Absolutely Right 2:14
Country Girl:
 a: Country Girl of Mine
 b: The Devil
      and Miss Lucy
 c: She Used To
      Be My Woman

The Five Man Electrical Band - Coming Of Age
Side B
Friends and Family 4:55
Isn't It a Long Hard Road 3:01
Me & Harley Davidson 3:20
Whole Lotta Heavy 2:26
The Five Man Electrical Band - Sweet Paradise
Side A
I'm a Stranger Here 4:00
Back Home 3:42
(Now I'm)
Out in the Cold Again

Doing the
Best We Can Rag

Baby Wanna Boogie 2:41
Bring Back the Sunshine 4:23
The Five Man Electrical Band - Sweet Paradise
Side B
Sweet Paradise 4:58
We Play Rock 'N Roll 4:49
She Sure Could
Sing The Blues

Money Back Guarantee 3:20