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Chris Darrow
mandolin, banjo, fiddle, autoharp, harmonica
Chester Crill (Fenrus Erp, Max Buda,
Tempelton Parcely)
- bass, organ, harmonica
John Vidican - drums and percussion
Solomon Feldthouse
bouzouki, dobro, vina, guitar, dulcimer
David Lindley
harp guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals

Kaleidoscope, originally The Kaleidoscope, was formed in 1966 in Los Angeles and they released their first album, Side Trips, in 1967. Their brand of psychedelic folk rock is a combination of rock, blues, folk, jazz and middle-eastern styles. Chris Darrow left the group after the second album, A Beacon From Mars, and was replaced by bassist Stuart Brotman, previously a member of Canned Heat. Paul Lagos, who had done work with Ike and Tina Turner, Little Richard and Johnny Otis, replaced John Vidican. Their third album, Incredible, reached #139 on Billboard in 1969, the only Kaleidoscope album to chart. They also did soundtracks for films, and played at the Newport Folk Festival. That year also saw them supporting Cream on their American farewell tour. During the production of the fourth album, Bernice, Brothman was replaced by bassist Ron Johnston. Solomon Feldthouse quit the band and singer-guitarist Jeff Kaplan took his place. The band broke up after the Bernice album and most of the members became session musicians. In 1976 Brotman, Crill, Darrow, Feldthouse, Lagos and Lindley (under the pseudonym De Paris Letante) recorded the reunion album, When Scopes Collide, and it was released on Michael Nesmith's Pacific Arts label. In 1990 a second reunion album, Greetings from Kartoonistan (We Ain't Dead Yet), brought together the same lineup, without Lindley.

David Lindley started the band, El Rayo X, from 1981 to 1983 and produced three albums. He became a very successful session musician and has worked with Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Linda Ronstadt, Curtis Mayfield, James Taylor, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart and many others. Chris Darrow released three solo albums, Artist Proof, in 1972, Chris Darrow, in 1973 and, Under My Own Disguise, in 1974. He was in the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and started the country band, The Corvettes. Chester Crill never used his real name when he in Kaleidoscope. He wrote the first two issues of the underground comic book series, "Mickey Rat" and went on to design and sell, Mickey Rat t-shirts. Solomon Feldthouse, aka Sulyman, co-founded Sirocco a middle eastern group dedicated to playing live music for dancers. He also hand-crafts finger cymbals and jewelry. His daughter Fairuza Balk is an actress and played Dorothy in, "Return to OZ" and she won the Best Actress Independent Spirit Award at age 18. She has also played in The Craft," "The Island of Dr. Moreau," and, "The Waterboy". Stuart Brotman is in the international band, Veretski Pass. Paul Lagos played in many bands through the years and died in 2009.

Kaleidoscope - Side Trips
Side A
Egyptian Gardens 3:05
If The Night 1:45
Hesitation Blues 2:25
Please 3:10
Keep Your Mind Open 2:15
Kaleidoscope - Side Trips
Side B
Pulsating Dream 1:58
Oh Death 3:25
Come On In 2:07
Why Try 4:43
Minnie The Moocher 2:13
This was released on CD in 1988
Kaleidoscope - A Beacon From Mars
Side A
I Found Out 2:15
Greenwood Side 4:12
Life Will Pass You By 3:17
Taxim 11:20
Kaleidoscope - A Beacon From Mars
Side B
End Of A Broom
Louisiana Man 2:42
You Don't Love Me 3:57
Beacon From Mars 12:35
This was released on CD in 1988 and 1997
Kaleidoscope - Incredible
Side A
Lie To Me 2:54
Let The Good Love Flow 2:10
Tempe Arizona 2:44
Petit Fleur 3:29
Banjo 3:37
Kaleidoscope - Incredible
Side B
Cuckoo 4:15
Seven-Ate Sweet 11:37
This was released on CD in 1988 and 1997
Kaleidoscope - Bernice
Side A
Chocolate Whale 2:27
Another Lover 2:45
Sneakin' Thru The Ghetto 3:20
To Know Is Not To Be 2:15
Lulu Arfin Nanny 3:12
Lie And Hide 2:52
Kaleidoscope - Bernice
Side B
Ballad Of Tommy Udo 2:48
Bernice 2:44
Soft And Easy 2:55
New Blue Ooze 9:42
This was released on CD in 1997
Kaleidoscope - When Scopes Collide
Side A
Ghost Riders In The Sky 3:55
Canun Tune 0:40
You Never Can Tell 2:15
Little Egypt 3:29
My Love Comes Softly 2:21
Your Love 2:56
Kaleidoscope - When Scopes Collide
Side B
Hard On The Trail 2:41
Stu's Balkan Blues 0:43
Man Of Constant Sorrow 3:04
It's Love You're After 8:56
So Long 2:47
This was released on CD in 2005
Kaleidoscope - Greetings from Kartoonistan, We Ain't Dead Yet
Side A
Jungle Hop 1:39
Layla, Layla 3:27
Martians at the Window 3:26
Gitano Fino 3:52
African Market Place 4:26
Kaleidoscope - Greetings from Kartoonistan, We Ain't Dead Yet
Side B
Talk Talk 3:31
Wild Man 2:40
Down in Mexico 3:03
Klezmer Suite: Doina
(Blue Doina)/Hora
from Kartoonistan)/...

This was released only on CD
Kaleidoscope - Oh Death