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Sir Lord Baltimore
Sir Lord Baltimore
Louis Dambra - guitar and vocals
Gary Justin - bass and vocals
John Garner - drums and lead vocals

Sir Lord Baltimore was from Brooklyn, NY and released their first album, Kingdom Come in 1970. It was mixed by Jimi Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer at Electric Ladyland studios. A review in Cream magazine of their debut album contained the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to refer to a style of music. They got to open for Black Sabbath and Humble Pie. The group expanded to a quartet for their second album, with the addition of Louis's brother Joey Dambra on guitar. There was not enough commercial success for their record company, Mercury, and so they were dropped after the second album. They started to record a third album but disbanded before it was finished. Their two albums were released together on CD in 1994 by Polygram and then again in 2003 by Red Fox.

Louis Dambra became a pastor in Los Angeles. Gary Justin quit music and works on Wall Street. Garner went to work for New York's department of sanitation, while managing wedding bands and working with, Envy and Other Sins, and the country artist, Royal Wade Kimes. He and Louis Dambra reunited and self-released a third record, Sir Lord Baltimore III: Raw, which contains material from their unfinished third album. There were plans for an on stage reunion at a 2008 European festival but unfortunately they fell apart. In December of 2015 John Garner died of liver failure.

Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come
Side A
Master Heartache 4:35
Hard Rain Fallin' 2:55
Lady of Fire 2:50
Lake Isle of Innisfree 4:03
Pumped Up 4:03
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come
Side B
Kingdom Come 6:40
I Gotta Woman 3:00
Hellhound 3:17
Helium Head 4:00
Ain't Got Hung On You 2:20
This was released on CD in 1991, 1994 and 2003
Sir Lord Baltimore
Side A
Man From Manhattan 11:26
  i. Man From
     Manhatten Act I
     a. Superior One Intro 1:00
     b. Theme :45 3:00
  i. Man From
     Manhatten Act II
     b. Theme :45 2:00
  iii. Act III
       MMCXI New Earth

  iv. Act IV Raca
      (People They
       Do Bad Things)
Where Are We Going 3:20
Sir Lord Baltimore
Side B
Chicago Lives 3:46
Loe and Behold 3:45
Woman Tamer 5:10
Caesar LXXI 5:17
This was released on CD in 1991, 1994 and 2003.
There is an alternate cover that was released in the Netherlands.
Mouseover to view the alternate cover
Sir Lord Baltimore III Raw
Side A
(Gonna) Set
 The World On Fire

Love Slave 3:42
Wild White Horses 7:00
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come
Side B
Rising Son 4:44
Cosmic Voice 3:58
Mission 4:57
This was only released on CD
Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come