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Nutz & Rage
Nutz & Rage
John Mylett - drums
Keith Mulholland - bass
Mick Devonport - guitar
Dave Lloyd - vocals

Nutz was from Liverpool, England and started as Harpoon but changed its name at the suggestion of A&M records around 1973. Supposedly their name was chosen from a story about the Battle of the Bulge in the Second World War. The Germans asked the Americans to surrender but they sent back the message "nutz".

Their self-titled, debut album was released in 1974. The album cover has a woman bending over dressed in stockings and high heels and it created a bit of a stir. The woman was Linda Halpin a professional model who specialized in leg shots for stockings and tights advertisements. The shot was taken with her lying on a desk with her legs in the air; she is also the woman on the second album, Nutz Too. On their third and last studio album, Hard Nutz, keyboard player Kenny Newton had been brought in. The first album had John "Rabbit" Bundrick from the band Free on organ and Paul Carrack was on keyboards on the second album. Their last album was Live Cutz released in 77 then in 1979 they signed to the French label Carrere Records. At this time Newton quits the band and joins Nightwing. Carrere persuades the remaining members to change their name to Rage and Terry Steers was brought in on guitar. They released three albums, Out Of Control, Nice 'n' Dirty and Run for the Night. The bands last recording was the cover song: So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star, as a single under the name of Spitfire.

In 1984 the band decided it was time to call it quits and shortly after Mylett died in a traffic accident in Greece. During their career they got to open for Queen, UFO, Budgie and Black Sabbath, they reportedly walked across the stage naked during Queen's encore. As Rage they got to tour with Uriah Heep and Meatloaf. Dave Lloyd went on to sing Cadbury commercials and is a session singer. Mulholland went on to play with Garth Rockett & The Moonshiners and now gigs with Mick Devonport in a cover band. In 2011 Lloyd, Davenport and Mulhoand reunited and have recorded several new songs. In 2010 Market Square released the CD, "Tightened Up!: Live In Nothingam 1977" which was recorded at The Grey Topper Club, Nottingham, England, March 1, 1977 for broadcast by BBC Radio Trent.

Side A
Poor Man 2:18
Ain't No Thanks To You 4:16
Spoke In A Wheel 3:33
I Can't Unwind 2:53
Can't Tell Her Why 4:55
Side B
As Far As
The Eye Can See

Love Will Last Forever 2:32
Light Of Day 4:27
Round & Round 3:44
Joke 3:46
Released on CD in 2007 with bonus live tracks,
"Seeing Is Believing", "Loser", "Pushed Around" and "You Better Watch Out"
Nutz - Nutz Too
Side A
Nature Intended 2:50
I Want Never Gets 4:14
Take It From Me 3:35
Change's Coming 3:16
Dear Diary 2:58
Is It All For Real 2:54
Nutz - Nutz Too
Side B
Cool Me Down 4:48
R.S.D. 3:38
The Love You Lost 3:33
Sinner 2:55
Knife Edge 3:20
Released on CD in 2007 with bonus live tracks,
"R.S.D", "Joke", "Can Be Loves", "Wallbanger" and "Knife Edge"
Nutz - Hard Nutz
Side A
Seeing Is Believing 5:54
I Know The Feeling 4:09
Loser 3:24
From Here To Anywhere 5:06
Wallbanger 3:51
Nutz - Hard Nutz
Side B
Pushed Around 4:07
Beast Of The Field 4:15
Sick And Tired 4:17
Down On My Knees 3:48
One More Cup Of Coffee 4:38
Released on CD in 2007 with the bonus track, "Bootliggers"
Nutz - Live Cutz
Side A
Seeing Is Believing 5:54
Loser 4:48
Pushed Around 3:17
You Better Watch Out 6:30
Nutz - Live Cutz
Side B
R.S.D. 4:00
Joke 3:30
Can Be Loved 2:43
Wallbanger 9:07
Knife Edge 3:00
Released on CD in 1991
Rage - Out Of Control
Side A
Out Of Control 4:20
What Have I
Done Wrong?

She's On Fire 5:25
Roll The Dice 3:23
Fallen Idol 4:30
Rage - Out Of Control
Side B
Money 4:23
I Don't Wanna Leave 4:25
Rage 3:51
Thank That Woman 6:22
Released on CD in 2015
Rage - Nice 'n' Dirty
Side A
American Radio Stations 4:02
Wasted Years 4:22
Woman 3:10
Heartbreaker 4:30
Silver and Gold 5:06
Rage - Nice 'n' Dirty
Side B
Long Way From Home 3:33
Only Child 3:45
Blame It On The Night 3:44
Wild Cat Woman 3:48
Ready to Go 3:40
The American release has a different cover. Released on CD in 2015
Mouseover to view the American cover
Rage - Run For The Night
Side A
Cry From A Hill 5:23
Fantasy 3:30
Can't Say No 3:58
Light Years 3:57
Ladykiller 3:45
Rage - Run For The Night
Side B
No Prisoners 3:41
Run For The Night 5:29
Badlands 4:02
Never Before 3:37
Rock Fever 3:39
Released on CD in 2015
Nutz - Tightened Up! (Live in Nottingham 1977)
Seeing Is Believing 7:10
Loser/Pushed Around 8:45
Down On My Knees 3:45
Sick And Tired 4:33
One More Cup Of Coffee 4:37
RSD 4:22
Nutz - Tightened Up! (Live in Nottingham 1977)
Beast Of The Field 4:35
Mylo's Solo 3:51
I Know The Feeling 4:32
Changes Coming 3:25
Wallbanger 9:32
Living On A Knife Edge 7:27
This was released on vinyl and CD in 2010
Nutz - One More Cup Of Coffee