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Point Blank
Point Blank
John O'Daniel - vocals Kim Davis - guitar Rusty Burns - guitar
Buzzy Gruen - drums Phillip Petty - bass

Point Blank was formed in 1974 in Texas and toured with ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynard, Marshall Tucker and other Southern rock bands for two years before releasing their self-titled debut album in 1976. Following the release of their second album, Second Season, they become one of the most booked, and consistent touring acts in Southern rock history. They would play over two-hundred concerts a year. They played with nearly every known Southern rock band and became close friends with many of them. They shared the same management with ZZ TOP and are still friends with them to this day. Before the release of their third album, Airplay, the bassist Phillip Petty quit and was replaced by Bill Randolph. The keyboardist Steve Hardin was brought in and they recorded his song, "Mean to Your Queenie", which the band plays at every concert. The Hard Way released in 1980 had a new keyboardist, Karl Berkebile and shortly after the vocalist John O'Daniel left the band and was replaced by Bubba Keith. Around 1981 their music took a turn into album oriented rock (AOR), which is an album format with greater commercial appeal, and Mike Hamilton became the new keyboardist. Their next album, American Exce$$, produced the hit song, "Nicole" which charted at #20 on Billboard Magazine's rock tracks chart and at #39 on Billboard's Hot 100. In 1982 their final album, On A Roll was released but internal turmoil would cause the band to break up in 1983.

In 2005 three of the original members, John O'Daniel, Rusty Burns and Phillip Petty reunited for a benefit concert with David Crockett on drums, Mouse Mayes on guitar and Larry Telford on keyboards. The concert was recorded and released as, "Reloaded", and then they started touring until in 2009, Point Blank released a new studio album, "Fight On!". Point Blank is still together today and recently released another studio album, "Volume 9".

The bands second bass player, Bill Randolph, died in 2001 from a heart attack. In 2010 the bands orignal bassist Phillip Petty died from cancer then the guitarist Kim Davis passed on. Michael Hamilton, who played keyboards, succumbed to cancer in 2011.

Point Blank
Side A
Free Man 5:09
Moving 3:13
Wandering 5:19
Bad Bees 2:31
Point Blank
Side B
That's The Law 3:41
Lone Star Fool 4:17
Distance 5:12
In This World 3:12
Released on CD in 1993, 1998 and 2006
Point Blank - Second Season
Side A
Part Time Lover 3:54
Back In The Alley 4:13
Rock & Roll Hideaway 3:15
Stars And Scars 8:17
Point Blank - Second Season
Side B
Beautiful Loser 4:00
Uncle Ned 3:49
Tattooed Lady 4:12
Nasty Notions 3:18
Waiting for a Change 4:46
Released on CD in 1998 and 2006
Point Blank - Airplay
Side A
Mean To Your Queenie 4:39
Two Time Loser 3:51
Shine On 3:03
Penthouse Pauper 5:35
Point Blank - Airplay
Side B
Danger Zone 4:39
Louisiana Leg 3:43
Takin' It Easy 4:40
Thunder And Lightning 3:14
Changed My Mind 5:59
Released on CD in 1993
Point Blank - The Hard Way
Side A
Fight On 3:22
The Hard Way 3:15
On The Run 5:39
Highway Star 5:54
Point Blank - The Hard Way
Side B
Rock 'n Roll Soldier 3:24
Guessing Game 4:53
Wrong To Cry 3:53
Thank You Mama 6:25
Released on CD in 1993
Point Blank - American Exce$$
Side A
Let Me Stay
With You Tonight

Walk Across The Fire 2:28
Nicole 3:57
Go On Home 3:24
The Getaway 4:16
Point Blank - American Exce$$
Side B
The Way You
Broke My Heart

Restless 4:27
Cadillac Dragon 3:44
Do It All Night 3:57
Released on CD in 1993
Point Blank - On A Roll
Side A
On A Roll 4:04
I Just Want to Know 3:15
Love On Fire 4:20
Don't Look Down 4:54
Point Blank - On A Roll
Side B
Great White Line 5:45
Let Her Go 3:54
Gone Hollywood 3:39
Take Me Up 3:12
Released on CD in 1993
Point Blank - Reloaded
Back In The Alley 4:43
Moving 3:15
Nasty Notions 3:29
Bad Bees 2:48
Uncle Ned 4:11
Stars & Scars 6:56
Lone Star Fool 4:11
Point Blank - Reloaded
Free Man 5:43
Mean To Your Queenie 5:03
Nicole 3:45
Let Her Go 4:04
How Blue Can You Get 9:34
Thank You Mama 1:42
This was released only on CD
Point Blank - Fight On
Down Not Dead 3:58
Fight On! 5:07
Deep Ellum Women 3:53
Hit the Bottom 4:11
Made of Stone 4:57
My Soul Cries Out 6:30
Point Blank - Fight On
Big White Horse 4:41
Out of Darkness 5:52
Cold Day In Hell 5:22
Undercover Lover 5:12
Short Stack of Blues 3:52
This was released only on CD
Point Blank - Volume 9
Blast 1:52
Howling Wolf 5:20
Where I Belong 4:09
Automobile 3:24
Lies Like Hell 4:13
Johnny Dallas 4:23
Point Blank - Volume 9
Amigos 4:05
Start The Car 3:58
It Ain't Right 5:16
Heart Of A Fool 5:30
To Be A Man 4:57
This was released only on CD
Point Blank - Nicole