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Rockin Foo
Rockin Foo
Wayne Erwin - guitar and vocals
Michael Racoon (Michael Clark) - piano, organ and vocals
Lester Brown Jr. - drums and vocals
Ron Becker - bass guitar

Rockin Foo was a California band that only made two albums, and from what I have found, they are both self titled. With the release of their second album they added Ron Becker on bass guitar. In 1969 they shared the stage with Johnny Winter and Eric Burdon at the Fillmore West. Their music has been described as "psychedelic garage country rock" and "hippie rock". I found the track "Stranger In The Attic" to have a rather surreal sound. The guitarist, Wayne Erwin, wrote all the songs on the first album with collaboration on one track from Michael Clark and both albums were produced by the drummer, Lester Brown. They disbanded sometime after their second album.

Erwin would go onto session work and played guitar on several Monkees songs. He now lives in Kentucky with his wife and is retired. Michael Clark went on to become Sound Supervisor for Roger Corman's Concorde Studios in Venice CA. He is a keyboardist and music director and has worked with many rock legends. Lester Brown went on to producing other bands, most notably, Plain Jane. Before joining Rockin Foo he was an actor and appeared in many TV comedies and dramas. He was on an episode of Gilligan's Island as the leader of the Mosquitos and several episodes of General Hospital. Ron Becker still plays the bass and lives off the grid with his wife in New Mexico.

Both album covers were designed by Phil Hartman, who was their roadie before he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Phil also designed album covers for Poco, America and did the logo for Crosby, Stills & Nash.


Rockin Foo

Rockin Foo 1969


Rockin Foo (2)

Rockin Foo 1971


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