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Richie Ranno - guitar Michael Lee Smith - vocals
Joe X. Dube - drums Brenden Harkin - guitar
Pete Swevel - bass

Peter Sweval and Jeff Grob (aka Joe X Dube) were in the band Looking Glass which had the 1971 hit song "Brandy". In 1972 the singer / guitarist of Looking Glass quit so they hired Michael Lee Smith for vocals and soon changed their name to the Fallen Angels. In 1975 they hired guitarist Richie Ranno from the band Stories, which had a #1 hit in 1973 with the song "Brother Louie". Shortly after this they changed their name to Starz and were signed to Capitol Records in 1976 and soon released their self titled debut album. In March of 1977 the song "Cherry Baby", from thier second album,"Violation" made it to #33 on the Billboard charts. This was their biggest hit, but they had a few minor hits later in their career. Brenden and Peter quit after the "Attention Shoppers" album and were replaced by guitarist Bobby Messano and bassist Orville Davis. The following album was "Coliseum Rock" but disappointing sales and tension in the band caused them to call it quits, Dube and Ranno put together a trio with bassist Peter Scance called Hard Core. In 1981 Smith, Ranno, Madick and Peter Scance regrouped and released one album under the Hellcats name.

They recorded four studio albums and were admired for their talent to combine hard rock and power pop. "Do It with the Lights On" has early versions from the first two albums and side two has demos from the Hellcats. "Live in Action" is a combination of Live in Louisville from 1978 with another concert from Cleveland in 1977. "Requiem" is a CD with 5 new reunion songs from 1992 and some unreleased material. In 2005 all of their albums were released on CD, several concerts and early materials have also been released. Pete Swevel died in 1990 and the remaining members have played reunion concerts from 2005 to 2008. Richie Ranno All Stars band still performs the Starz music.

Side A
Detroit Girls 4:00
Live Wire 3:21
Tear It Down 3:10
Boys In Action 5:43
(She's Just A)
 Fallen Angel

Side B
Monkey Business 2:47
Night Crawler 4:29
Over And Over 3:11
Pull The Plug 4:46
Now I Can 4:09
First released on CD in 1991 and 2004 then in 2005 with bonus tracks.
Starz - Violation
Side A
Cherry Baby 3:47
Rock Six Times 3:15
Sing It, Shout It 5:10
Violation 4:26
Starz - Violation
Side B
Subway Terror 3:45
All Night Long 3:26
Cool One 3:40
S.T.E.A.D.Y. 5:25
Is That A Street Light
or The Moon?

First released on CD in 1991 then in 2005 with bonus demo tracks.
Starz - Attention Shoppers
Side A
Hold On To The Night 3:16
She 3:18
Third Time's The Charm 4:33
(Any Way That You
Want It) I'll Be There

Waitin' On You 3:44
Starz - Attention Shoppers
Side B
X-Ray Spex 3:32
Good Ale We Seek 4:40
Don't Think 3:42
Johnny All Alone 7:27
Released on CD in 1991 and 2004 then in 2005 with bonus tracks.
Starz - Coliseum Rock
Side A
So Young, So Bad 3:25
Take Me 3:55
No Regrets 4:50
My Sweet Child 3:56
Don't Stop Now 3:35
Starz - Coliseum Rock
Side B
Outfit 3:16
Last Night
I Wrote A Letter

Coliseum Rock 3:31
It's A Riot 3:31
Where Will It End 4:20
First released on CD in 1991 then in 2005 with bonus tracks.
It's Alright 3:34
You Make It Swell 3:33
Teenage Tiger 4:25
Rock & Roll Man 4:03
Auto Erotica 4:17
Released on a combination CD in 1998 with Starz "P*ss Party", a UK only release from 1985.
Starz - Do It With The Lights On
Side A
Detroit Girls
Live Wire
Pull The Plug
Do It With The Lights On
Fallen Angel
Starz - Do It With The Lights On
Side B
Restless Underwear
F.U. Girl
Dreamin' My Life Away
Miss U Tonite
Side 1 contains the original recordings for the first two Starz albums.
The songs have different arrangements and alternate lyrics.
Side 2 was part of a Starz demo which was released on vinyl and CD.
Starz - Live In Action
Side A
(She's Just A)
Fallen Angel

Tear It Down 3:10
Live Wire 4:12
Monkey Business 2:48
Detroit Girls 5:07
Side B
She 3:16
Rock 6 Times 3:44
Subway Terror 4:16
Johnny All Alone 3:31
Starz - Live In Action
Side C
Cool One 3:15
X-Ray Spex 3:00
Cherry Baby 4:05
Medley 9:15
 a. Waiting on You  
 b. Greatest Riffs
     of All Times
 c. Coliseum Rock  
Side D
Pull The Plug 9:13
Boys In Action 6:42
First released on CD in 1991. In 2005 it was released with bonus tracks
Starz - Requiem
Vidi O.D
Love & Pain
You Called His Name
Rough & Ready
Backstreet Survivor
Starz - Requiem
Fallen Angel
Hold On The Night
Can't Take It No More
Fannin' the Fire
I Ain't No Einstein
Released only on CD
Starz - Johnny All Alone