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Gene Provost - guitar Mach Bell - vocals
Steven Silva - guitar Ric Provost - bass
Bobby Edwards - drums

Thundertrain came from Natick, Mass. and became one of Boston's early punk stars. They released their first single in 1975 and by 1976 they scored a hit with "Hot For Teacher!" It was one of the first indie singles to have an impact during the 70's underground rock scene. Thundertrain became headliners all over New England and were written up in 16 Magazine, Creem and even Time. They did shows with The Cars, the David Johansen Group, The Runaways and many other bands of the day. After years of non-stop touring Thundertrain broke up in 1980.

Mach Bell joined The Joe Perry Project and is on the album, "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker" he became a chef and then a music teacher and in 1996 formed a group called Last Man Standing. The other members of Thundertrain spun off in different directions. Just about everyone continued to play in bands when they could. Gene Provost became a banker and his brother, Ric, worked as an optician and they now live in Florida. Steven Silva lived in Hollywood for over a decade playing guitar and working as a film editor. Bobby Edwards is working aboard a casino ship somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2002 the band reunited for several shows and Gulcher Records reissued, "Teenage Suicide". In 2004 Gulcher released, "Hell Tonight" a Thundertrain show from 1979.

Thundertrain - Teenage Suicide
Side A
Hot For Teacher 2:40
Let 'er Rip 3:07
Modern Girls 3:17
Cheater 4:15
Love the Way 2:40
Thundertrain - Teenage Suicide
Side B
Hell Tonite 3:50
Frustration 4:35
Forever & Ever 3:45
I Gotta Rock 3:25
Released on CD in 2002 with bonus tracks
Thundertrain - Hell Tonite!
Hell Tonite 5:28
Love The Way 2:53
Afterschool 3:25
Readin'Riotin'Rock'n'Roll 3:51
Counterattack 3:04
Forever & Ever 4:57
Dirty Water 3:04
Thundertrain - Hell Tonite!
I Gotta Rock 9:30
Cheater 4:58
Got Past You 4:29
Anything Money Can Buy 5:24
Mama Weer All Crazee Now 3:21
Hot For Teacher! 5:45
Thundertrain - Let 'er Rip